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UNBOXING takes Your Privacy Seriously


As a dear customer of our brand, the protection of your privacy and personal information is absolutely crucial to us. In being cognizant of that need, we take all necessary and relevant steps towards complying with the applicable laws and regulations.

In implementing our own Data Protection & Privacy Policy, we at UNBOXING take our obligations seriously under the Personal Data Protection Act (“PDPA”) in Singapore’s context. These obligations are met co-extensively with all relevant regulations, rules and subsidiary legislation, as the case may be, including any applicable guidelines issued in companion to the Act.  Likewise, we take reasonable care in handling the personal information of users and/or customers accessing our page from abroad.


Acknowledgement & Consent


Your continued use of our website indicates your acknowledgment and understanding of, and agreement to this Data Protection & Privacy Policy (and other relevant Terms & Conditions).


Know this confidently: Besides appointing a dedicated Data Protection Officer to implement the relevant practices and policies which are in line with industry standards, protecting your personal information is a Culture for us here. In doing so, all reasonable steps have been taken towards the prevention of “unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks” of your personal information.

Personal Information Collected is Relevant to Us Serving You, our Customer.


In general, the types of personal information which we collect fall under two broad categories. On the one hand, such information is primarily relevant and necessary for us to perform order fulfillment. This includes basic information inter alia such as your name, email address and mailing or delivery address. Although the following situation rarely arises, we may even have to contact you personally in the event that the delivery of your order has to be delayed or cannot be fulfilled.


On the other hand, we also collect information to better understand your shopping habits and preferences on our site. That serves the purpose of not only providing us with greater customer insight or for marketing or remarketing merchandise which is potentially of interest to you but also to improve on our customer journey experience in our website overall.


We do not—at any time or in any place—disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties for extraneous purposes beyond the foregoing scope of operations. That is unless required of us by the authorities or any other legitimate purposes under the law.


Contact Us for Further Queries


At any time, you may reach us at to amend your personal information or to discontinue any mode of communication with us. If anything, please feel free to speak with us on our data protection and privacy policies. Rest assured that, here at Ashlyn Anne, your personal information is in good hands!

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